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At Links Security Serviceswe perform initial risk analysis and ensure the safety and security of your event. Whether you require security for a sporting event, music festival, wedding ceremony or a company event, Links Security can discuss your individual requirements to design a security solution for your event.

The success of our event security team has always been based on providing quality trained staff. Whilst our teams primary function is to ensure the safety of your customers, their behaviour and attitude will also add value to your customers experience.      

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At Links Security Services,we provide a range of mobile services including keyholding & alarm response, mobile patrol, parking enforcement, a lock and unlock service for commercial properties and lone worker escort service.

Our mobile patrol service can provide you with a Keyholding and Alarm Response Service, or a Lock and Unlock Service, which can include turning off all unnecessary electrical equipment, securing all windows and fire exits and locking and alarming the premises.

Our mobile patrol service provides a complete value added security solution ensuring stability and continuity of business. The spot checks provided by our mobile patrol service prevents criminal activity, as there is no pattern to when our officers patrol the building. Our guards perform regular external and internal patrols, and opening and closing premises, as well as attending to alarm activation's.  

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At Links Security Services, we provide a comprehensive range of services to the commercial and corporate sector, which includes CCTV monitoring, mobile patrol and access control. We understand and recognise the crossover between security and concierge responsibilities. Most importantly, we understand that our staff will be ambassadors for your organization. We will gladly assist you to conduct an assessment of your overall security requirements and work with you to develop and implement improved security procedures and practices.

We work with many prestigious organizations who require the highest levels of customer service and security expertise.

At Links Security Services, we specialize in condominium security, one of our strengths is closely working with Property Managers, Condominium Directors and Residents for achieving a high level of quality service. As well as offering a "One-Stop-Shop" for all your security solutions, other services range from Mobile Patrol, Access Control, Parking Monitoring and Concierge responsibilities.


Mobile Patrol & Parking Enforcement

At Links Security Services, we understand the importance of looking after your customers needs and appreciate this can be difficult at peak times. We understand that security is an ever-growing issue, with an increasing amount of pressure in the hotel industry to protect staff, key customers groups and the lone traveller. Our service allows you the flexibility to use our time according to your needs. Our service includes, parking lot patrols, floor patrols, security presence and specific security requirements by the client.  

At Links Security Services, our main focus is providing excellent customer service, as within the healthcare sector the security needs vary depending on whether the facility is a hospital, a primary care facility retirement home or a medical centre. The security services provided need to be adjusted accordingly depending on the needs of the customer.

At Links Security Services, we take pride in the service we provide, construction sites are often open areas with very little in the way of borders or protection from unwanted access. You may have fencing around the construction site, or may even have a post that is meant to watch the entrance and exit from the security site, but having a professional security team working for your site is almost always prefreable. Not only will you be able to monitor instances of unwanted trespass onto the property, which itself could help to prevent damage and save lives, but you can also prevent cases of theft and vandalism.

Construction security can include the monitoring of valuable equipment on site, protection from trespassers, vandalism, and other incidents which can be caused by those outside of the site's work force, and reporting of any incidents which you should be made aware of for greater security and safety overall.

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